Thursday, 28 November 2013

Inside one of the old factory buildings at the Innocenti Lambretta factory in the Lambrate area of Milan. This is the same building as the background shot on the blog which was taken 4 or so years ago. Someone had pulled down some of the barrier fence around this building and never one to miss an opportunity I scrambled through and down the bank into the desolate space. As I was taking this shot I was suddenly aware of a waft of smoke. Then some noise. I walked to my left and gazed around the pylons straight into a Gypsy camp. Then I ran. I have never been so scared in my life. I didn't even notice them in there, you can't see in due to the overgrown bushes. No one would have found my body for months!


  1. Hi, A few of us from England are planning a ride down to the factory on our Lambretta's in September '14, how did you gain access to the site? or who do we ask for permission?

  2. Hi Tony. I normally catch the Metro to Lambrate FS and then walk out but if you are riding you can take the Tangenziale Est and get off at the Via Rubittino Lambrate exit. You may be taking your life into your hands though riding a 'bretta on the freeway, they drive like loons! Better just to take the backstreets to Via Rubattino and then walk around from there. You aren't allowed in and Innse is protected by security guards but I sneak in the back way from under the freeway flyover.