Thursday, 13 June 2013

GET YOUR HANDS OFF INNSE the graffiti mural screams from the crumbling wall of the old Innocenti Lambretta factory in Milan. I know many of you Lambrettisti are only interested in the scooter division but i am fascinated by all things Innocenti. A few years ago when INNSE (INNocenti Sant'Eustacchio, the heavy engineering division) was threatened with closure unions and workers staged a picket which turned into a riot at the site. This huge piece is all that remains of it now. Innse was sold to the Camozzi Group and last time I was there (2012) was still going strong, using many of the old machines still emblazoned with the Innocenti logo.


  1. Hi, I am trying to write some history of the Lambretta from the point of view of the factory (not of the production-scooters only). Please contact me at lambretta74 AT Ciao!

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