Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Of all the original buildings still standing on the old Innocenti factory site in the Lambrate area of Milan, this one is my favourite. Hard to get into shot because of it's size this would have been the main entrance to the site and main office areas for many years (until bigger offices were built in front of the huge production line buildings). The Centro Studi may be more important and futuristic but this much earlier building must have made a big bold statement when it was built for Innocenti. You can see some of the apartment buildings that now litter the former Lambretta factory site in the right of shot.


  1. Hi, I see this isn't your first time at Lambretta :)

    From what I see on Google maps that dates from Oktober 2011 I have the impression many buildings on the site are being removed, how many buildings are there still standing from your last trip in March 2013?

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. Thanks for your email. In November 2012 there were still a few buildings remaining. The main office and gate on Via Rubattino and the Centro Studi (design centre) are still there. Also the Innse water tower and most of the wall and gates on Via Rubattino from the Autostrada out to the eastern end of the site are still there. To the east of the Autostrada there are still 2 of the 4 main buildings. The first is derelict, the second one contains Innse which is back up and running in it's original building!

  3. Bginitaly,
    Really enjoying your photos and details. I have visited the site, the last time being 2005. I was fortunate enough to get inside the admin building, which you show at the top of the page and I have a photo of it (with me in shot) if that is any interest to you.I have also taken pics of my Series 2 in front of that building.
    Do you know which if any of the remaining sheds were used for Lambretta production. The 3 long sheds with lie to the right sides of the motorway, were these used for scooter production? I am going back again next year with my series 2 and was hoping to somehow get the scooter into that building for some atmospheric shots - would appreciate any help you can give me on that.

    1. Dave, the problem with trying to get inside the building (which is the subject of the background shot of this blog with me standing in it) is that they have now deployed security. I think this is to do with Innse restarting at the site after some problems they had with protesters during the 'siege' of Innse when it was closed a few years ago. I have been chased out a couple of times recently and I was followed all the way around by a guard in a security car. If you speak Italian you could try going to the manned security gate in front of the Innse building (behind and to the left of what remains of the later admin buiding on via Rubittino) and tell them what you want to do. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for your comments Dave. To be honest with you I don't actually know but I have always assumed the first shed on the right of the river Lambro as you look at the model was where they made the later Lambrettas. The next one along to the right is the Innse building (still going today) and the last 2 were the car ones (now demolished). Originally the scoots would have been made in the buildings to the left of the river but as production expanded they were used for the foundry, other parts manufacture, paint shop etc. Internal rail lines then brought parts to the big sheds for assy. So it seems likely that the building you speak of (which is still there but a big mess) was the Lambretta and Lambro production line. BG

  5. Hi,

    I'm an Architecture student from the UK currently doing a project on this building and would love to get more of an insight into it's history etc. Great blog by the way!