Tuesday, 21 August 2012

For our Italian readers, of which there are quite a few. This document from http://ordinearchitetti.mi.it/index.php/page,Milanochecambia.AreaCronologia/aree_id,33 goes some way to expaining the strange goings on at the old Innocenti Lambretta factory in the Lambrate area of Milan. It looks like the long promised real estate development fell foul of the GFC and that is why Innse suddenly re-appeared at the site last year under the stewardship of Camozzi Group. The owners of the development company Rubbatino 87 ran out of money and either sold or leased the old Innse building back to Innse. There is also another park planned for the site as part of the "Metrobosco" or metropolitan bushland park that is supposed to ring the city. It will be called Parco Lambretta if it ever gets done. Finally some recognition of the history of the site.

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