Saturday, 26 May 2012

A picture of me wandering through the ruins of the old Innocenti factory in the Lambrate area of Milan alongside an image of the complex during production. In the RH shot GP (dL) 150s roll off the line while finished models including J Ranges and Lambros await delivery to customers. In the LH shot I wonder how such a huge and important industrial complex could have been allowed to close. British Leyland's usual incompetence coupled with declining scooter sales, militant unions and government inaction.


  1. Hi.

    Yesterday I was looking at online adds to find a little scooter or motorbike. I searched a bit for new ones too, and came across innocenti, and finally found out that the lambretta name is in use once again, on some taiwan scooter. This surpriced me a bit, and I started to research innocenti a bit, and found pictures of the old innocenti factory plant. Abandoned places have always interested me, and especially when things have come out of them that makes your emotions flow - and innocenti certainly ticks that box for me. By luck I then found this link and one of the comment said the factory was to be restored. This was good news to me, and I googled a lot but after an hour almost gave up, when your blog came up :)

    Thanks for posting these pictures, and stories.
    I have always been into italian vehicles from the golden time in the 1950 - 1970´s. I have had a fiat 600, three Fiat 127, and an autobianchi abarth. I also have an aermacchi brezza scooter, made in verese in 1967.

    Thanks a lot again, and all the best from Denmark

    1. Thankyou for your kind comments, your Aermacchi sounds intriguing, not to mention the Abarth!